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Why Work Live & Play in Kincardine?


The scope of practice for a Rural Family Physician is vast requiring a broad spectrum of clinical skills. The variety of areas of practice often includes surgery and emergency medicine along with hospital access and care of the acutely ill. Is this type of family medicine challenging – the answer is a definite YES. But, with this challenge comes many rewards. The reward of knowing you have met the challenge and surpassed all expectations, even your own; the reward of having a supportive community behind you; the reward of knowing every day YOU do make a difference. Yes as a Rural Family Physician you will have a satisfying career, full of opportunities and accomplishments.

There are a few things rural physicians who live in Kincardine do have to give up: those long traffic jams and hours of sitting in the car, crowded streets with unfriendly faces and the feeling of having to run everywhere to keep up with the fast paced lifestyle. Say good-bye to the sounds of the city – constant rumble of traffic, honking horns, and loud voices. In place of all that you will find everything close to your home and work –smooth sailing on the highways, streets and waterways: the streets will be full but not crowded and the faces you meet will smile and say hello: and you can run only for enjoyment. The noises you hear will be that of the waves rolling onto the Lake Huron shoreline, and the bagpipes on a summer Saturday night. Beautiful sunsets will be a normal view from every angle. Truly there is so little to give up and so much to gain.

If you are looking for a fulfilling career and satisfying lifestyle this is where you will find it, the Municipality of Kincardine. What are you waiting for? Give me a call and begin a fulfilling career today.

Municipality of Kincardine, 1475 Concession 5, Kincardine, Ontario N2Z 2X6 T 519.386.3076

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